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I love working on commissions of bespoke artwork. This short blog is all about the process of commissioning an artwork from me.

The whole process of making an artwork just for you- to mark a birthday, anniversary, new home, retirement, or just because.....is such a special one. I take great care and pride in the whole process.

My Aim- to bring you a bespoke artwork inspired by the landscape of Northern Ireland and Ireland that will bring you a sense of joy for years to come. My artwork will connect you with nature, the seasons and the wildness of the Irish Landscape.

With each commission I aim to work with you to identify the size, colours and themes that will work for you. I create my work to inspire a connection with nature, instil a sense of peace and place and draw upon the landscape and heritage of the local area. This is truly about bringing a part of nature into your home or business. A commissioned artwork is about realising those emotions and connections for you. We can use images, locations, poetry – to help capture the essence of what you want for this truly unique and bespoke artwork.
I have been fortunate to undertake a number of commissions ranging in size and theme. Each one has been special. They have ranged from wedding gifts, pieces for new homes, markers of a special place, and even pieces made using the flowers and foliage from wedding bouquets as a beautiful, bespoke lasting memento of your day.

Commission original Artwork on Irish Linen

Commissioned artworks are always created on Irish Linen, making them unique and connected to the craftsmanship of linen production. Irish Linen is not just the surface my work is created on. It is an integral part of the artwork. In particular, the texture of the linen and painterly way it holds marks and colour is an essential part of my work and I deliberately create pieces with this in mind.
Customer feedback about the experience of commissioning an artwork

Bespoke Artwork - size of commissions 

I will work with you to identify what size and scale of artwork is going to work best for your space. I will be able to advise, based on experience, what size may work for you. I am happy to recommend framers that I work with and assist with coordinating framing. 
I have a standard starting commission size that comes framed in a bespoke white wood box frame. Overall framed dimensions for these pieces are 25 x 25cm. See, image example below.
Framed artwork in white box frame

Artwork Commissions - timescales 

Timescales are very much dependant on what you are commissioning, scale and complexity. I will absolutely work with you to meet whatever deadlines you have in place for the receipt of the finished piece. I would advise that you get in touch at least a couple of months prior to the date you require the piece as I do tend to find that slots for commissions fill up quickly, especially in the run up to Christmas. 

How much does a commission cost?

Costs vary depending on size and complexity. I work out a commission price based on what you want to create. This means the best value for you and service. I am happy to work within your budget to ensure the best experience for you.
I'm delighted to have completed several commissions already this year and I can now open up my books for new commissions from June onwards
Just get in touch and we can have a chat!

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