Top Tips - How to use Cushions for an Interiors Refresh

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Having recently launched my Nature Cushion Collection I'm sharing a few tips I have gathered from chatting with interior designers and stylists as to how cushions can help transform and refresh a space within your home.

First up... a little about the Nature Cushion Collection

Creating a collection of beautiful cushions inspired by my artworks is something I have thought about, on and off, for a while. As my work is created on Irish Linen it lends itself well to textiles. My passion will always be creating unique works of art to inspire a connection to nature. However, as I began to explore how my artwork would translate  I found that my the patterns and textures of my work seemed to be a natural fit for fabrics and soft furnishings. I explored how best to reproduce my artwork and ensure a faithfulness of colour and quality. My own work is created on 100% Irish Linen but for the cushions, as I wanted a distinction between my fine artwork and original print and my homewares collection, I opted to have the cushions created in a cotton-linen mix fabric, which is produced and printed in Donegal. This fabric has weight and texture, has a quality feel. My aim with these cushions is to inspire a connection to nature, to bring the outside in and celebrate the wildness, textures and details of nature in our homes.

So, let's dive in to some top tips for styling with cushions at home!

Tip One

Go for clashing patterns, colours and textures and let the cushions take centre stage in your chosen room. Clashing patterns and colours can look great layered and mixed together. However, having a cohesive colour palette is important. Choose a minimum of three patterns and opt for different sizes of cushion.

Tip Two 

If you prefer a coordinated set, choose a tonal coloured palette and then mix different patterns to bring visual interest to a more neutral tone. For example, mixing the Shoreline Cushion, pictured here, with a block colour cushion in a similar tone and palette, and then  a cushion with a soft stripe in a similar colour will help create a fresh, coastal feel in a coordinated way.

Tip Three

Make a statement in a neutral home! If you prefer to keep things quite neutral you can add a pop of colour and texture with a statement cushion for a chair or bed. Select a cushion that will pick up on colour accents around your room. For example, complimenting or matching the colour in a lampshade, vase or candleholder or even an artwork on your walls. A statement cushion can transform a chair.

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