Earth Made: An Exciting New Funded Project

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Earth Made

An exciting new project funded by Arts Council Northern Ireland to start the new year.

2023 was a year that I dedicated to exploring the theme of 'Earth-Made'. This meant thinking about material and process in a more sustainable way, and in a way that was more connected to the natural world.
Image of irish Linens dyed with a selection of plant material
 Image above (top left to bottom right): Irish Linens dyed with Common reeds, Oak and Willow, Elderberry, and Phragmite
Much of this exploration led me to the world of natural colour; making and creating dyes and inks using foraged and windfallen natural materials such as plants, leaves, flowers, bark and earth. I learnt so much about the colours that can be produced from the landscape around me and started to work through the technicalities of making lake pigments, binders, printing inks, light-fastness and mordanting. I am in no way a rigorous record keeper, but found my own experimental way of working with more natural materials.
I am delighted to be the recipient of Arts Council Northern Ireland funding to further these explorations, which will lead to the creation of new work.  Alongside this, the funding is supporting an exciting collaboration with another Northern Irish Artist. Together we will be sharing our practice and materials to create work that has synergy in concept, process and material.
The Earth Made project will culminate in an exhibition of new work in the Oriel Gallery (at Antrim Castle Gardens) in the Spring.
More news and updates to follow on that in the coming weeks!

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